SENSEI is the first platform to connect people who need technical assistance to both human and machine experts, for real-time guidance.

SENSEI IN 90 Seconds:

With a single click on the SENSEI headset, users can summon either a human expert (SENSEI) or an artificially intelligent instruction algorithm (SENSEI-Bot) to help them with a task. Current methods of interpreting information (books, recipes, videos, manuals) remove our focus from the task at hand and require us to retain information whilst attempting to apply it. SENSEI connects users to a fluid stream of information, as they do tasks, allowing them to be fully immersed in accomplishing the task at hand while still receiving all the necessary information.

The SENSEI headset enables an expert (human or machine) to see a first person view of the user’s space, indicate directly on objects in the user’s space through a projection system, and speak to the user to help guide them through a task. Additional information such as pictures/video clips can be sent to the user’s smartphone through the mobile app.

The goal of SENSEI is to empower people to accomplish tasks themselves. Users might be inclined to summon a real person, or SENSEI, for tasks which are unique or require creative problem solving such as troubleshooting, diagnosing, or situations which have anomalies. Imagine your next mechanic porting into you through the SENSEI headset. Tasks which are more redundant or standardised such as putting together an IKEA furniture set might be better suited for the automated SENSEI-Bot system. Users can select the type of expertise they would like through the mobile application.

SENSEI has the potential to transform workplace collaboration and further transform the way in which we learn and accomplish tasks. Imagine your next plumber porting into you through the SENSEI system instead of making an expensive trip out to your house. Or imagine being able to put together an entire IKEA furniture set without looking at a single book! In more industrial settings, SENSEI could serve as a tool to share the expertise of experienced workers with junior apprentices. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had access to experts from all around the world at your fingertips!

The development of this system seeks to further explore the proposition of living in a world in which people can tap into an infinite stream of knowledge, exactly when it’s needed. Knowledge, in the form of books, videos and manuals, is currently dormant and completely unaware of the context of the user. SENSEI strives to push the boundaries of contextually aware knowledge systems, proposing a world in which we have limitless access to knowledge as we move our way through the world.

Extensive research into instructional communication modes proved that the simple ability to indicate is one of the most effective communication methods. 

Prototypes for both systems have been developed and tested in a number of different contexts. An AI system has been developed to recognise user context and provide guidance in the most human way possible.

The SENSEI-Bot system accommodates for human tendencies and learns how to interact with people in the most cooperative way possible. The internal language logic of the system accounts for people who might range from beginners to experts, or people who love to jump ahead of directions. The platform complements the knowledge of the user and only guides and intervenes when necessary. Additionally, each human to human interaction has the potential to add to the SENSEI-Bot database. 

Pulling the SENSEI apart before use:

The Gig Economy meets the Knowledge Economy

Anyone can become an expert. If you have a little knowledge about something, sign up and you can be notified when someone needs a hand.

SENSEI runs on a subscription model with users paying a monthly subscription and SENSEI’s being paid based on the number of well-ranked jobs completed.

Applications of the SENSEI platform include home repairs, emergency situations, maintenance, employee training or knowledge transfer, and remote guidance in industrial facilities.

SENSEI has the potential to transform workplace collaboration and further transform the way in which we learn and accomplish tasks. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had access to experts from all around the world at your fingertips!



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SENSEI was created by Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera as a part of his double Masters graduate course in Innovation Design Engineering  at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.

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